Framing Traditions Photography is owned and operated by an FSU alumnus.  After graduating from Florida State University in 2015, I realized how much I missed this place. The morning sunrises over Landis Green as I walked to class; the evening sun glistening over Legacy Walk through the oak tree canopy; the crisp November air on Saturday morning with a lit Unconquered Statue in the background.
Fate would eventually intervene, bringing me back to Florida State University to pursue my Ph.D. in marketing. Upon my return, I was determined not to let this opportunity to capture these moments go to waste.
I purchased a camera and began taking countless photos of the campus. Everywhere I would go, I had my camera with me.  For the past four years, I've walked every square inch of this campus with my camera. I've been out for sunrises and sunsets, rainy days and sunny days, freezing winters and blistering summers. I've poured hundreds of hours and taken thousands of photos in an effort to capture my perspective of the beauty of Florida State University. My photo gallery is the result of this effort in hopes that others may reminisce with me. I sincerely hope you enjoy these photos of FSU. Go Noles.
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